A Father's Day Gift

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It seems my husband has all things he wants and needs. This poses a problem when it comes to his birthday or other times to give him gifts, such as Father's Day.

Then an idea came to me inspired by a memory of something I saw in the past year but uncertain where. Make some coasters. He is always looking for one. These are coasters made from ceramic tiles found in any Lowes or Home Depot. Along with a few other materials they are transformed into a set of coasters.

ceramic tile
mod podge
foam brush

Cut a piece of felt to fit the back of the tile; I cut it slightly shorter. Apply with a good amount of mod podge.

Trim a picture to a size that fits nicely on the tile. Glue the picture to the tile with the mod podge and smooth out any lumps. Add a good layer of the mod podge over the picture and the entire tile. This acts as a layer of varnish.

Once it has dried, sand it a tiny bit and add another layer. Repeat to finish approximately 5 layers for a durable seal.

You could add another customized touch with a black permanent marker or a paint pen. Here are two of my daughters. I labeled this "Filiae" which means daughters in Latin. He loves Latin. I think this makes a beautiful gift.


  1. I hope he doesn't read this blog or he will know what he is getting for Father's Day! Hee Hee! Great gift idea.

  2. Yes, my children thought of that. Actually he knows that I posted about something he is getting so he won't look yet!

  3. You are so creative! I love it!

  4. That is a great idea!

    I think more personalized gifts like that mean more anyway than another tie, tool, or something they don't want/need anyway!

  5. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Wonderful idea!!

  6. It sure does make a beautiful gift. Nice Sheila- you have the best ideas!

  7. You are sooo talented.!! Its really a great Father's Day gift idea. I am fully impressed.

  8. I'm searching the net for crafts to do with my tile and came across this post. What a fun idea!

  9. Thanks Valerie. It was a fun and fairly easy craft that has lasting rewards. My husband still doesn't want to put his cup on the coasters even htough I have told him it is fine to (and I do). They are a simple treasure to make.


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