An eXtra Blessing~ Shameless Self Promotion

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When Dianna Lee was born four years ago with an extra chromosome with her 21st set, I was a bit overwhelmed by one thought in particular.  That thought was that we would be spending everyday in some type of therapy or at some doctor's office or having someone in our home teaching me how to best help Dianna.

I was so wrong.  Really, caring for Dianna and helping her has been much like helping my other children.  Although she has needed some extra help with motor skills and now especially speech.  BUT, most of our days are spent at home together.  We read books, do flashcards to help with vocabulary and enunciation, and we play outside.  Right now she is working on her leg muscles by learning to pedal her new-to-her trike (Found on craigslist, Love!).

She refuses to get off her bike each time we are outside.

That being said, I do spend some extra time with her and she has had more doctor appointments than her siblings, but not a lot more.  This past October she went through her second open heart surgery for a COMPLETE repair for AVSD.  She recovered like a champ!  She was climbing out of the hospital bed a couple hours after surgery, and sitting up looking at her favorite books the next day.

Less than 24 hours after her 2nd open heart surgery to repair a leaking valve from original AVSD.

On to the point of this post, my shameless self promotion.  I'm a bit of a paradox.  I prefer to stay in my own corner, quietly observing.  But, invited into some other space, I may take over.  When it comes to my Etsy shop, an eXtra blessing, I'm still stuck in my corner.

I began selling handmade crocheted and sewn items on Etsy shortly after Dianna was born hoping to make enough to purchase materials and (if enough) some extra therapies or classes for her.  I'm starting anew and hoping to gain lots and lots of exposure (some orders, too).

Dianna modeling a bow beret, which has been a best seller since starting an eXtra blessing.

So I am asking for help.  How can you help?  In any of the following ways:

1.  Become a Fan of an eXtra blessing.
On Etsy (shop updates, new items)
On Facebook (exclusive coupons, adorable updates on Dianna, helpful links)
On Instagram (exclusive coupons, new items, most adorable pictures of Dianna)

2.  Be a Customer
It may not always be easy to make something for a friend or family member with a little one.  Here is your chance to get a beautiful handmade gift for babies, toddlers and children.  Have a look and encourage your friends, too!

3.  Professional Photo Help
If you are a professional photographer who works with newborns and babies, please get in touch with me!  I would love to swap hats as photo props for quality pictures I can use in advertising items in the shop.  Dianna has grown, so I no longer have an adorable baby model to use whenever I need.  Just shoot me an email (

Dianna models toddler and child sized items for me now, but my shop features baby items, too.

If you are spreading the word about an eXtra blessing, you may want to know the story behind the name.  My daughter was born with an extra chromosome, Trisomy 21, or more commonly called Down syndrome.  Since her birth, we have seen this extra chromosome as an extra blessing.  It is not a cause of problems for her or for us.  It has helped us to see life in a different way.  It has helped us to see that what some call disabilities are not.  She is our extra blessing.

Thank you in advance for your support!  And to get you started, please use this code to save 20% on your first order: APRILSHOWERS.  Coupon good through June 30, 2016.

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