Sloppy Joes~ Friday Night Dinner

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Many have rummaged through the pantry and fridge, looking for something to make for dinner, and quickly thrown something together with ingredients on hand.  And many have had a wonderful dinner come from it.  Some of those are disappointed to find out that the dinner was such a success when they realize that the really don't remember what all went into that meal.

I am one of those unfortunate ones.  But thankfully this dinner happened to be so easy that I couldn't forget the ingredients I used.  Now it is one of our favorite go to meals when I need something quick and I want something I know the children will like.  Those happen to be characteristics of our Friday night dinners, too.

I never enjoyed sloppy joes as a child, but my mom only made them a few times.  When she did, she used the canned sloppy joe mix.  This recipe does use some prepackaged ingredients, but it really does taste so much better than the canned sauce {in my opinion}.  The taste is bold and the simple addition of a freshly chopped bell pepper makes a difference.  I like to serve these on toasted buns that have been lightly buttered.

Sloppy Joes
12~16 oz jar salsa {1 1/2 c salsa}
12-16 oz jar bbq sauce {1 1/2 c bbq sauce}
1 lb ground meat {we use turkey, but have also used beef}
1 green bell pepper
8 hamburger buns
shredded cheese {optional}

Brown meat in skillet.  If using ground beef, drain fat.  If using ground turkey, it doesn't really brown, just cook it thoroughly then drain liquid.  Add salsa, bbq sauce and chopped bell pepper to meat; bring to simmer.  Cover and continue to simmer for 15 minutes to heat and blend flavors.  Serve on buns and top with cheese.

Tips and Tricks~
*Split hamburger buns and place, inside up, on a cookie sheet.  Top each piece with a small dab of butter.  Toast on top rack of preheated oven {about375F} unyil butter melts and buns are lightly toasted.
*If you want to spice these up, use a hot salsa.  Then, add a slice of pepper~jack cheese.  Sweet and spicy sloppy joes!
*This recipe is often doubled, even tripled in our house to make for casual gatherings to feed a crowd.

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  1. Your sloppy joes sound great. I also toast the buns in the oven, it does make them seem just right. So you had 70 deg. yesterday and snow today ... that's amazing. We have had quite the snowstorm here this afternoon ... winter isn't over yet.

    1. I was reminding me husband last week that the year our oldest son was born there was a blizzard, that was March 11. Yes, we still have a few more weeks of winter, but I'll take those warm days, too.

  2. This was soooooo good. I used my homemade salsa, so I didn't add the extra green peppers. This was a hit at my house!

    1. Yay! Happy it was a hit. It's so easy.


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