Pots of Gold Pudding Cups

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Most holidays in our house are purely an occasion for fun.  St. Patrick's Day is certainly one of those occasions.  We are not Irish, we do not celebrate saints' days, but we do have fun.  I was thinking of making cupcakes, but I get lazy and sometimes making frosting and decorating cupcakes is way more effort than I want or am able to put into something.  So I opted for pudding cups.  Pots of Gold to be exact.

Pudding cups seem to always be a hit with my children and their friends.  There is one exception, my four year old son.  He ate all the candy from the top and left his pudding.  His brother, before taking the pudding for himself, asked him why he doesn't like pudding.  The older brother said, "It's just chocolate."  To which the four year old responded, "It's melted chocolate and I don't like melted chocolate."  He's a funny one, but I love him.

These are really simple and rather quick to put together.  Once you have made the pudding mix {I always fold in freshly whipped cream}, spoon it into 9 ounce cups.  I used gold.  You could use black or clear.

If you are making these for later in the day, you'll want to skip the following steps until just before serving {otherwise the crumbs will get soggy and not be so pleasant}.  Top each pudding cup with about 1 tablespoon of graham cracker crumbs.

Take a strip of rainbow candy {I found some sour rainbow candy in the dollar section at Target}, and tuck in each end into the sides of the cup.

Add a couple of gold coins or more.  Then tuck in a spoon.  Instant happiness.

Pots of Gold Pudding Cups
2 {6 serving} boxes of instant chocolate pudding
6 c cold milk
1 c whipping cream
1 c graham cracker crumbs
rainbow candy strips
chocolate coins

Mix pudding mix and milk with wire whisk for two minutes.  Set pudding in refrigerator to completely set.  While pudding is chilling, whip the cream until stiff.  Fold whipped cream into pudding.  Divide chocolate cream pudding between nine cups.  Top with graham cracker crumbs.  Decorate with rainbow candy and chocolate coins.

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  1. What an adorable idea. I need to see if my Target has those rainbow candies, too. I might surprise my family by actually making a holiday treat!

    1. They'll love you for it!
      Target is quite dangerous for me, even their dollar section. They have some great metal bins now, too.

  2. Very clever, Sheila. A great idea.


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