Single Serve Coffee Bags

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I don't often get a chance to enjoy regular coffee and I am about the only one who requests decaf it seems. I was thrilled when I found the single serve coffee bags at the grocery. What a wonderful idea, freshly brewed coffee that's single serve and without a special coffee maker. They are even portable. Genius!

The down side of the single serve coffee bags is the cost. For about the same price as a bag of coffee beans you get 19 cups of coffee. I discovered you can buy empty tea bags to fill with tea leaves. Why not ground coffee?

Why make single serve coffee bags?
*quicker than brewing a whole pot
*enjoy fresh coffee all day long with regular or decaf
*nice gift, share favorite coffee with freinds

How to Make Single Serve Coffee Bags
Purchase empty tea bags. I found these press and brew bags. They are simple to use, once filled, just seal with an hot iron by pressing for about five seconds. You could check with your local health food store or tea shop.

Grind your coffee of choice. Fill each tea bag with 2-3 teaspoons of coffee grinds.

I made an assembly line and placed the filled bags in a basket to keep until I was ready to seal.

Place bags in an airtight container. Self sealing canning jars are perfect. Add a label with brewing instructions. I like my coffee bags steeped for 3 1/2 minutes. I am certain it differs by brand and flavor. You may want test yours and give instructions to your liking. Include a jar of creamers and sugars. And a pack of stirrers.

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  1. So creative! I will definitely have to do this, but I think I will keep them for myself:)

  2. I love this idea. I wish I could make my own K cups.

    1. Walgreens (and probably other stores) sell reusable K cups - less than $15 for a set of 4. You can fill them with whatever coffee, tea or cocoa you like.

  3. This is a very fun idea!

  4. Anonymous9:59 PM

    This is such a clever idea. I love homemade gifts like this. They are fun to make and people love to get them because it shows more thought. I will have to do this!

  5. Thank you!!! I travel a lot and it`s hard to get good coffee at the hotel without paying a fortune. I have been looking for a way to pack my own to use with the provided single serve coffee makers. I will definitely be trying this!

  6. Excellent idea. Was trying to figure out how I could fill individual bags of custom coffee with name of domain and a black and white photo taken 100 years ago.

    1. It's like a really cool idea! Hope this all works out for you.


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