Adobe Chicken

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I recently took a day to read When the Elephants Dance by Tess Uriza Hothe. It was a captivating tale about the Philippine Islands during World War II. I won't go into detail about the book (you can read reviews about it yourself) but I will say I enjoyed it, and it inspired this recipe.

A constant struggle faced by the people is starvation. At one point, one of the characters describes adobe chicken (also spelled adobo) and how delicious it is cooked until the garlic is sticking to the meat. A simple description is given of how it is prepared. Based on the book's description and a few recipes found, I prepared this dish in no time.

This dish has intense, full flavor and is absolutely delicious. There is no need for salt as it has quite a salty flavor from cooking in vinegar and soy sauce. I found that sliced green onions and some diced, fresh tomato accented the savory chicken well. Quick, easy and tasty, this dish is a winner.

Filipino Adobe Chicken
2 lb chicken pieces, with skin and bones
1 yellow onion, chopped
1 c water
1/2 c soy sauce (recommend using reduced sodium)
1/2 c rice vinegar
2 cloves garlic, minced

Place chicken in a pot. Add other ingredients to pot. Cover and heat to simmer over medium heat; cook 25 minutes. Remove cover and continue to simmer until liquid is reduced and onions and garlic begin to stick to chicken. Serve over rice.


  1. My daughters chose this recipe for our Father's Day dinner this year. Delicious!!! They used boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and so it did take about an hour to cook down. It was a big hit with all! Thanks for sharing :-) (And as a side note, I'm sorry you hurt your back. Hopefully you are all recovered by now).

  2. That is one of the best chicken adobos I have ever seen! I sure hope you are feeling better and able to enjoy the time with your children.


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