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I found a link to Good Housekeeping's ideas for a gift wrapping station from. Maybe you have everything figured out (and even wrapped by now), but I always am encouraged if not inspired by others ideas.

Here is my gift wrapping station, some ideas from Good Housekeeping, others my own, and some inspiration from blogs.

*Use a paper towel dispenser as a ribbon holder.
I had bought this one about 5 years ago. It is very decorative but took up too much counter space so it has been in our basement kitchen area. Now it serves its intended purpose (at least according to me)! I use the back support bar to hand my tissue paper over. A beautiful and useful tool

*Have an extra trash can? Use a it to hold all of your rolls of paper.
I bought an extra one at the Target (my one stop daily shopping place). It is handy because you can also just put gift bags in it. And when you are all done wrapping, just pick up the whole thing and put it away.

Also have a "real" trash can on hand. I didn't take a picture of this;)

*Baskets for everything!
I have to say I love baskets. They are so useful and vary greatly. I found all of these at the thrift store.

I use one for holding markers of different holiday colors for making tags.

Another I use to hold note cards, card stock, and labels (this is the one at the beginning of this post). For name tags, use cut out card stock and punch a hole and tie with a ribbon. Or just use white mailing labels and colorful permanent markers can be used to add decorative touches. I also keep candy canes for decorating the packages with.

Another basket houses tape. I used to have a nice dispenser but with seven children in the house and many wanting to use it, it has gone missing.

I am hoping to get my wrapping done today, along with baking and looking for a dress for a winter ball for my daughter, as well as preparing for Sunday. Is that too much? It will be fun trying!


  1. My dining room is a mess right now with wrapping paper, ribbon, craft supplies, etc. My plan is to shut myself up in there this evening (with no peeking orders to the little ones) and get some wrapping done.

    I like the trash can idea for storing wrapping paper.

  2. I have turned my dining room into wrap HQ! I HAVE to get this all done or we will have no where to eat on Christmas.

    My children like to look at their packages so for the last few years I have had to come up with coding them. First year- Alpha, Bravo, Charlie. They had no idea!

    Second year- Mondays Child, Firdays Child and Thursdays Child, all with the little poem. Since they knew their birthdays but not the day they were born this one had them stumped!

    This year- Tom, Dick and Harry for the 3 tunnels in the Great Escape. They will never guess this one!

    With 7 children this could be a hoot!

  3. So this is where it all happens?

  4. I set up our GWCentral in our bedroom. That way I can close the doors to keep out little ones. Also, our dining room is already run over with plants and is just to open to traffic and rubber-neckers.

    I like the gift name ideas. Maybe my code names could be from the seven dwarves. I know who would be Grumpy;)

  5. Okay, I did it! I assigned each child as either Sleepy, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Happy, Sneezy, or Dopey. Mostly this will be fun and keep them wondering which present is whose. Thanks for the idea! The fun has begun.

  6. These look like great ideas. I like the candy canes on the gifts, that makes them look very cheerful. And I also like the idea of an old paper towel holder to hold the ribbon. I hope you were able to get everything done that you wanted to accomplish in one day.

  7. I like to use candy canes for to embellish gifts. This year Costco sold a package of colossal peppermint sticks.

    I was able to get most of my tasks done:)

  8. Sheila my plan has worked. Deven peaked at the gifts under the tree and yelled, "Momma, who in the world is Harry?" He he! I can't wait to find out who Grumpy is!

  9. Grumpy was a difficult assignment because I don't consider any of my children overall grumpy. But, there are two who are very much alike that I wanted to give this code name to. I will reveal the identities after Christmas!

  10. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Great organizational ideas!

  11. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Beautiful! I just came over from Robin Sue's blog and I love it here! I love your ideas, thank you!

  12. n p, Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you like it here. Come by anytime.


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