February Flower Arrangements

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Flowers make such a wonderful gift anytime of the year, but especially on Valentine's Day. Don't just think of them for your sweetheart, but for your children, parents, grandparents or friends.

The stores are filled with dozens of red roses, but you don't have to choose red. I prefer pink myself. Pink reminds me of spring and it looks so crisp and bright next to blue or white. The colors of flower are symbolic. If you are looking to buy flowers for a friend or loved one, look here to see what the flowers and colors symbolize.

Here is an arrangement I made to brighten our house. It consists of a dozen pink roses and a bunch of white carnations with a few stems of fern and lemon leaves. Not only is it beautiful for Valentine's Day, but for spring as well. Simply change the ribbon around the vase for a fresh new look.

To make this, start with roses. Cut some of the roses shorter arrange them so they lean against the the vase.

Next, fill in the spaces between the roses with some of the carnations. Then, build up leaving longer stems on the roses. Don't forget to cut or pick off any leaves that will be below water level.

Fill in gaps with greenery and finish off with the remaining roses and carnations.

Add a red bow to the vase (or pink or white).

One way to dress up house plants that you may have or you may buy for another is to add tissue paper and ribbon to the outside of the pot.

I chose to use red, pink and white. I wanted the pink to be predominant so I used it twice: once on the outer layer and again on the innermost layer.

Place the pot on the middle of the paper layers.

Pull the tissue paper up and gather it with your hands just above the top of the pot. Secure with ribbon. Again, you could easily change the color of the tissue paper and ribbon for an entirely different look.

Happy February!


  1. Beautiful! You have a real knack with flowers. I loved how the tissue paper jazzed up the potted plant. I bet your home smells pretty with all those flower arrangements and it is so nice to see that you decorate with flowers. I like to buy my own flowers and have been enjoying the little daffodils from Trader Joe's.

  2. Robin- TJ's always has very fresh flowers. I bought hydrangeas from them that lasted inside for over 6 weeks, with blooms! Also the flowers I bought for Christmas decorations were from there. I usually buy my roses and carnations at Costco; I know many may think florists are better, but I have not found them to be much different.

  3. Wow... So beautiful!!!

    I love roses and my favourite color is pink :)

  4. Oh, these are so pretty. You do such nice work arranging your flowers. I also like your blue wall. I am wanting to paint my kitchen blue, just need to build up the courage and choose the right shade -- that is the hardest part. But back to the flowers --- simply gorgeous!!

  5. Anonymous10:03 PM

    So beautiful...love the tissue paper!

  6. Tissue Paper - how creative and everyone has that one hand! I love the idea of putting a little color with the house plant - since I have a black thumb - but can manage to keep a few house plants alive! Happy February!

  7. I love the tissue paper! It makes it look like a gift, very festive for Valentines day.


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