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Hello!  I'm Sheila, the lady behind the scenes at Alice and the Mock Turtle.  My days are filled with helping my almost two year old {who has Trisomy 21}, entertaining my three year old, and attempting to take care of the home and needs of everyone else in the family.

Wanting to help my children see the blessings and the delight in their lives, I frequently try to add something special to the daily routine. Sometime making a day special is as simple as a cucumbers shaped with cookie~cutters in a lunch.  Other times it is a bit more elaborate and certain to bring smiles.  Often it is making a favorite, comforting dish.  As I do this, I see that all of my children have wanted to help out in the kitchen and make their own creations.  What is so exciting is that is exactly how I learned to cook, imagining and watching and experimenting.

Since the birth of my daughter in April 2012, I have also begun an Etsy shop, An Extra Blessing, where I sell items I hand make {crocheting or sewing}.  The money I earn from this shop is used to help pay for classes and therapy evaluations for her.

I'm not a writer and I'm not a chef, but I do like to share with many what our family has enjoyed and especially found to make our days a bit more vibrant and carefree.  Perhaps what we have found to make a day fun will find its way into another home.

Why the name?  Alice in Wonderland {perhaps my favorite children's story} is such a whimsical tale that has inspired parties and treats and has just been a delightful read.  I felt the imagination and whimsy in the story was something I want to capture whenever I have a chance.  Although the blog may create an image that our home and lives are filled with perpetual joy, it is not.  There are challenges, there are tears, there are failures.  At those times I can feel much like the Mock Turtle in the story.  That side may not show through, but I chose to use the character in the title anyway.

Blogging is a hobby.  It is not too difficult to take pictures and share some of the recipes and projects we enjoy, but this isn't a professional magazine.  You won't find perfection in the stories, in the recipes or in the photography, but you will find my honest experiences.  I do like to look at others' blogs and try to make mine more attractive and inspiring based on what I see is done well.  I hope with experience my skills will improve as well as the blog.