Love Them~ A Valentine's Day Lunch

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When my children are at school all day long, I really miss them.  Yes, there are perks and moments I like {such as having a chance to clean up without having them leave more things behind to pick up}, but I don't enjoy it every day of the week.  I much rather the days of winter or summer breaks when they are home and I can spend some time with them.

That being said, it is important for me to let them know that I love them with little treats or notes and such.  I may not make a conscious effort daily to do this, but I try.  And on Valentine's Day, I feel it is almost expected.  In addition to the treats I help the children make for their classmates, I like to give them a treat.  It can be as simple as a sweet lunch.

This Valentin'es lunch includes~
a bag of sliced strawberries {sliced to resemble miniature hearts} and a note 'I love you bunches!'

cheese and ham cut into heart shapes with a croissant {find a set of nesting heart cookie cutters at your local craft store to use for smaller sizes}

a snack bag of Hershey's kisses and Rolos with pretzel sticks for a tic~tac~toe game of Hugs and Kisses.

For my older children who may think the heart shape cheese and ham are just a tad too cutsie, I'll make a chicken salad sandwich featuring dried cranberries for a touch of festive red and a hint of sweetness served on a flaky croissant.

Package it all in a regular brown paper bag, perhaps tied with some curly ribbon {again, maybe skip that for the older ones}.  This should let them know I love them!

What about those remnants of cheese and ham? Toss them into some scrambled eggs for a breakfast burrito to send the kids off to school with. There's no stopping the loving them.

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  1. My kids would love these ideas, maybe except for the oldest. All they hear now every morning, is - Grab a jar! I am going to have to cutsie up these jars!!

    1. I'm certain the children love the jars, having a hot meal is incredible. I'm just not quite that organized, though I have started putting leftovers straight into jars and the kids take them and heat them up at school.

  2. I like doing special things for Valentine's Day as well. Your chicken salad recipe with dried cranberries sounds good. Have you ever posted it? And for some reason my computer won't show me your pictures today, so I will have to come back to see the pictures that go with your ideas.

    1. I've not posted a recipe really, though I have posted the idea here~

      It's just cooked chicken mixed with dried cranberries, celery and some mayo. I like the sweetness and color the cranberries add to the salad.

      I would love to see some of your ideas for Valentine's Day.


Catching my breath. Be back ASAP.