Popcorn Balls

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Popcorn! Popcorn! Get your fresh popcorn balls here! These are so fun to make and the children love them. For Advent, we made these to enjoy the following night while watching our Christmas movie. We will also be putting some in baskets for cousins and neighbors. I mostly make these in winter because they are a festive addition to our winter parties. They look like a bunch of snowballs!

I found this recipe a few years ago when I had never made popcorn balls before. It is really easy and always turns out well. Sometimes I add red hots {makes it a nice Valentine treat, too}. But if you make these for a fall treat, candy corn is a great garnish, too.

You can make them any size. I like to make them a bit bigger using a one cup measure that is overflowing with popcorn so I get about 15 popcorn balls per batch.

Popcorn Balls
from allrecipes
1/4 c butter
3/4 c light corn syrup
2 3/4 powdered sugar
1 c mini marshmallows
2 tsp cold water
2 tsp vanilla
5 qts plain popped popcorn {20 cups~ 1 cup unpopped kernels}

In a medium sauce pan, combine all ingredients as listed {it's good to have the butter and corn syrup at the bottom of the pan} except popped corn. Heat, stirring frequently, till all ingredients are melted and mixture begins to bubble around edges, not just in middle. Remove from heat. Pour over popped corn. Fold together gently. Form into balls. Garnish with red hots or candy corn by simply pressing into the popcorn ball. Let cool before packaging or storing.

Tips and Tricks~
*Pop popcorn in two batches {1/2 cup kernels} making certain kernels are not piled on top of each other in the pan.
*Sift through popcorn to remove any unpopped kernels. It's no fun biting into a hard kernel when you're not expecting it!
*Let mixture cool some before beginning to form popcorn balls. Not only will it not burn your hands, the balls will form better since they will more easily stick together.
*Use a greased 1 cup measure to scoop out coated popcorn and form into balls.
*Place formed balls into greased muffin tins to keep shape while cooling.
*Use a long handled rubber spatula to gently fold marshmallow syrup into popcorn, adding one half of the syrup between stirring, making certain to dig underneath to get all pieces well coated.
*Use a large kettle to keep popcorn in and mix the syrup in.
*Rub hands with butter before shaping popcorn balls.

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  1. The festive cupcakes liners make it so much more fun. Such a great presentation! You are really making this an Advent to remember for your family!


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