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Lately I have been depleted of most of my energy due to a little one that should be arriving within the next couple of weeks. Mostly my daily routine consists of short periods of normal activity {laundry, picking up after my toddler and reading the same book to him over and over and over} alternated with longer periods of sitting with my feet up. These times of rest have not been completely unproductive. Not only are they allowing me to have ankles for part of the day, I've taken a refresher course in crocheting.

Refresher course is not completely accurate seeing as I learned to crochet when I was about eight years old and haven't really crocheted since then. Thanks to Pinterest {Am I wrong in assuming you've heard of it?}, I came across on Craftyminx's site as well as a few crochet patterns.

The Crochet School is well organized and, for any other visual learners out there, she has all of her lessons in video {for both right and left handed}. I did not watch every single video before I began my first real crocheting project in quite some years. Instead, I worked through a pattern for this baby hat. Whenever I was a bit confused, I referred to the applicable Crochet School lesson for the instruction I was working through. After the hat was complete {after my second attempt; I didn't like the first one}, I used this pattern for the flower and added it on. The hat was done in a short part of the day.

I was quite pleased with my little hat for my baby girl. I've packed it {along with a cute outfit of course} so she can wear it home from the hospital. I made a couple of the hats actually, but I am in love with these colors~ turquoise and coral. One of the nicer things about this hat is it can be made with a finer yarn so that it is fine to wear in the summer ; with all of the spaces, it is rather airy.

Hopefully soon I'll have a picture of my little one modeling this hat, as I feel I have gone into full swing nesting {making hats, blankets, reorganizing the kitchen and family room}.  I'm also hoping to get up a tutorial for the taggie blanket there in the background {it was so simple but fun to make}.  And if you are interested in seeing what else I have found on Pinterest or added to my boards, hop over and look at my pins.

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  1. Sheila, the hat is darling!! I've been doing quite a bit of crocheting recently as well. I like that about Pinterest -- it has been getting me into creative mode. Your little blanket is cute, and of course I can't wait to see your new little bundle.


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